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What should I do if there is no current in the high-frequency disc machine?

2020-11-26 12:50:18

We normally use high frequency disc machine if suddenly encounter galvanometer hands should not move how to do the whole process, high frequency equipment or second-hand high frequency of common problems.

The following are the problems that are likely to occur in high-frequency disc machines:

One, mold temperature control. The temperature change of the mold will cause unstable quality

Second, increase the high frequency output as much as possible, and reduce the high frequency output time. Because the ignition is usually caused by the high temperature of the raw materials.

3. Check whether the mold is parallel to the lower table.

Fourth, the mold size is not matched with the high frequency heat sealing machine , which reduces the reasonable output power of the equipment.

Fifth, the poor contact of the transformer or DC contactor causes the output current to be imaginary current.

Solutions for high frequency disc machines

  In the whole process of application, it is found that other high-frequency power circuits are normal, that is, the ammeter cannot display. At this time, you can use a multimeter to accurately measure whether the resistance value on both sides of the gate resistor is normal. If the three-pole resistor cuts off the current The meter cannot display the power circuit, so replace the resistor with a new one. In the whole process of high-frequency application, only the current meter will display the information current after the high voltage is connected. The position of the high voltage is operated by the AC contactor. If it can’t be connected normally, the current meter is No doubt it does not work, check whether the working voltage of the AC contactor electromagnetic coil is normal, and then distinguish the quality of the AC contactor. If it is damaged, immediately replace the DC contactor with a new one.

  In the whole process of application, high frequency is habitually encountered with flame maintenance and the galvanometer does not work. Inspection-due to flame maintenance, first blow the dust of the high frequency machine clean with air, adjust the amount of current to the minimum and try the equipment at full load Observe whether the ammeter is normal. If it is still maintaining the flame, turn off the power switch of the flame and test it. If there is any ignition problem, it will be there. First solve the problem and clean it up after the test.



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