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Do you know how to use the high frequency machine correctly?

2020-11-26 12:46:34

The high-frequency machine is the preferred machine for plastic melting. It uses a high-frequency electrostatic field to oscillate the internal molecular structure of the plastic to create energy and carry out various product welding. The key is used for: a variety of polyethylene (PVC) TPU and other leading plastic welding, electric welding, hot stamping, etc. Blister packaging factory (including left and right double blister hot-melt trimming, blister and cardboard hot-melt trimming, etc.), interior parts, seat cushions, trademarks, logos, stationery, paper stickers, plastic cover drawings, blow inspection Small toys, shoe products, rain sails, folding umbrellas, ponchos, bags, factory nameplates, water beds, sun shields, door frames, various packaging bags, portable soft bags, etc. Various embossed and concave power switch decoration patterns, suppression of letters and characters. Equipped with simple equipment can also carry out hot stamping production and processing.

The following is the correct use method of high frequency machine:

1. In the upper mold of the high-frequency machine, the insulating layer material is assisted. It is generally strongly recommended to use high-temperature cloth. The upper mold is extremely modified on the high-frequency machine. Press and hold the power switch of the high-frequency machine test piece, and adjust the tightly connected parts of the left and right molds to maintain the level. If the tight connection between the left and right molds of the high-frequency machine mold is not good, move the upper mold. If the level is not consistent, adjust the four-pillar head of the lower mold until the high-frequency abrasive tool of the high-frequency machine is adjusted to the level.

 2. After the high-frequency abrasive tool is adjusted to the level, adjust the timing control of the high-frequency machine control panel (high-frequency machine engine down time, welding time, setting time), the high-frequency machine head down time is the high-frequency mold lower mold operation to the clamp The time of the upper mold. The melting time. That is the output time of the high-frequency machine. The fixed time is the dry time. The relevant time needs to be used flexibly. There is no numerical value. It must be noted that the multi-head pedal model only There is a high-week welding time.

3. For the high-frequency machine to adjust the mode at a time, the interval of the high-frequency machine in the same style must be adjusted to a larger.

 4. When the actual operation is carried out and the temperature is also required, the high-cycle power switch can be turned on at this time, and the actual operation detection has just begun, and the parts required for hot-melt electric welding are melted.

 5. During high-frequency machine testing, if the actual effect of the high-frequency welding machine is not ideal. It needs to be added gradually in the coordinator, and staring at the screen flow meter (different high-frequency models, the value of the table is different, please refer to use Instructions or the assistance of technical staff), inspect the product. If the actual effect of electric welding is still not ideal, add a point or subtract a point to the coordinator until the requirements are met.

   The above is the method to explain the correct use of the high-frequency machine. I hope that after reading it, it will be helpful to you. If you want to know more about the high-frequency machine, please contact customer service online or call our company’s service hotline ( The upper right corner of the website) for consultation, we will be happy to provide you with quality service!



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