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How to adjust the error of ultrasonic plastic welding machine?

2020-11-26 12:53:16

What everyone must know is that the ultrasonic plastic welding machine is essentially frictional vibration, even if it is frictional vibration, sound wave transmission will occur. Therefore, if we only focus on the degree of agreement between the product and the mold, but the integrated form If the ultrasonic operation method is ignored, the watermelon picking up sesame seeds will be lost, and sometimes it will cause misjudgment. So how to adjust the error of the ultrasonic plastic welding machine .

  So first of all, everyone needs to clarify that the welding method of the ultrasonic plastic welding machine is to conduct the sound wave frequency, which is converted into heat energy through vibration and friction to achieve the purpose of welding. In this way, the degree of anastomosis of the ultrasonic mold, the height, depth, and material organization of the product section must not be able to fully bear the same pressure value. In addition, for the output energy of the upper die, there will be deviations at each point, rather than the entire surface being the same energy. From the combing point of view, there will inevitably be differences in the degree of product melting and welding.

  So there will be situations that need to be corrected, so what if it is corrected? In fact, it is not difficult. It can be overcome by the horizontal screw of the welding machine itself, or by pasting a thinner tape and aluminum foil.

  Errors are inevitable, and the same is true during the use of ultrasonic plastic welding machines. Here we first need to correct a common misconception, that is, many people think that as long as the welding product and the surface of the mold can be accurately contacted, the desired welding effect can be obtained. In fact, this is inaccurate. This is very superficial. view.



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