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Do you know the precautions of high frequency welding machine

2020-07-25 09:03:22

Today, I will explain the precautions for high-frequency welding machines .

  1. The machine must be installed with a good grounding terminal (connect the correct grounding wire)

  2. The high-frequency machine is very sensitive to moisture and dust and needs to be placed in a suitable working space.

  3. The vacuum tube of the high-frequency machine generates high heat, so it cannot be placed next to the high-heat machine, nor can it be installed in a place where solar energy is directly irradiated, because the above reasons will affect the heat dissipation function of the vacuum tube.

  4. The high-frequency machine stops for more than 1 hour. When the power is turned on, in order to preheat the vacuum tube, it must wait 10-15 minutes to protect the life of the vacuum tube.

  5. The upper and lower extremes (upper and lower models) of the high-frequency machine cannot be directly contacted, and insulation and work products are required in between.

  6. During operation and high-frequency output, please remember not to touch the upper pole output terminal (ie upper die), and do not touch the universal meter, test meter or other low-frequency instruments, and directly measure the upper pole output terminal, which may cause an accident.

7. Check the insulation of the lower extreme (lower mold) regularly. If there is any damage, burn, or damage, the insulation must be replaced immediately. Otherwise, sparks will be generated when continuing to work and the process cannot be completed.

  8. Frequent sparks (upper and lower molds collide, high cycle output) do not check and maintain, mechanical parts are damaged, affecting work.

  Nine, the work used to make the finished product, try not to have moisture and dust. Objects are prone to sparks.

  10. After the high-frequency machine is turned on, the sound of the fan rotating (4KW, 5 kilowatts is small) is the heat dissipation of the vacuum tube. If the fan fails, it must be repaired immediately. Otherwise, the vacuum tube will be damaged.

  So today's explanation is here first, I believe everyone also has a certain understanding of the precautions of the high frequency machine. Thank you very much for your patience.




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