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Old customers tell you? Why is this high frequency machine so popular?

2020-07-25 09:04:19

2019 so popular High Frequency device since it is this double foot pneumatic models, which by virtue of its chief selling market advantage, manufacturers have many years of high-frequency technology and old customers to market feedback tells you this two-headed high frequency machine The performance advantages of the device are among the mysteries, which can meet the individual needs of most plastic heat sealing markets.

1. Performance advantages of double-headed pedal high-frequency machine:

1.1 Stable weekly rate:

This machine is strictly in accordance with the International "Radio Interference Committee" (CISPR) regulations, adopts the industrial band 27.12/40.68MHZ, and is designed with a cycle stabilizer and a cycle magnetic flux leakage suppression device, which has minimal interference to external equipment and has a reliable electromagnetic wave test report .

1.2 Spark suppressor:

This machine is equipped with a high-sensitivity spark suppression circuit, which can accurately detect the unbalanced current that produces sparks, and quickly cut off the oscillating circuit at the moment the spark is generated to suppress the sparks, so that the damage to the mold, raw materials and products is reduced to a minimum, and the warning light will also be Light up warning.

1.3 Powerful head:

The high-frequency and high-cycle contact surface of this machine adopts good conductivity aluminum material and low-loss coaxial resonator, high-frequency shielded launch barrel, and adopts Japanese new pure aluminum barrel punching technology to change the traditional iron and copper suture technology. Make the high-frequency output more stable and shield radiation stronger. The output waveform is good, the quality factor is extremely high, the output is very strong, the large pressure can reach 400KGS, and the welding is fast.

1.4 Oscillation current control setting:

The output power of this machine can be adjusted by the tuner according to the size of the electrode and the thickness of the material, and the required oscillation current can be set according to the size and thickness of the product to control the degree of welding, which can ensure the uniformity of product welding quality and greatly reduce the welding time , Improve the production speed of the machine.

1.5 Security protection:

This machine is equipped with overvoltage and overcurrent protection devices, which can automatically cut off the high voltage to protect the oscillating tube and rectifier when working abnormally, and at the same time can avoid frequency drift caused by improper operation.



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