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The performance and characteristics of the double-head high frequency machine?

2020-07-25 09:03:22

Double-head high frequency machine performance:

  1. It adopts the original OMROM relay of the international major brand and the authentic CKC time system in Taiwan, which can ensure the long-term frequency operation of the machine, greatly extend the life of the machine, and reduce machine failures.

  2. High-frequency current adjustment uses stepless electrode adjustment, which is simple and easy to learn.

  3. Equipped with high-frequency frequency stabilizer and high-frequency shielding device to reduce high-frequency interference to a low level.

  4. Imported fan with greater wind power and stability, which makes the service life of the vacuum tube longer.

Double-head high frequency machine Features:

  1. Using high-Q electronic oscillator tube, the output is stable and reliable.

  2. Double guide rod structure, high precision and flexible operation.

  3. Time preset, mechanical interlock, and machine heads work alternately.

  4. The lever toggles are used for transmission and compression. Save effort and even pressure.

  6. Using imported high-quality electrical components, stable and durable.

Maintenance of double-head high frequency machine:

 1. Check the air pressure and whether the circuit is normal before starting each time; turn off the power switch on the panel of the machine after each work is completed, and then turn off the main power switch after five minutes.

      2. Lubricate the machine running-in regularly. 

      3. The filter is drained regularly and lubricated. 

     4. Keep the periphery of the equipment clean and have good heat dissipation. 

     5. Store the equipment in a dry and dust-free place. Clean the inside of the cabinet once or twice a month. If you don't work for a long time, you must cover the machine with a cloth to prevent dust from entering the machine.

   2. The operating table of the double-head high frequency machine is on both sides of the machine head. The operation mode is mainly by the operator's right foot pedal positioning and left foot switch. The welding process is automatically controlled by time. The left and right machine heads are used alternately, and the oscillation tube is used once. Or if you use it again after too long, be sure to preheat it for more than half an hour to extend the use time of the oscillating tube.



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