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Which manufacturer of automatic high-frequency machine has a more reliable phone?

2020-07-25 09:04:19

A company specializing in the production and processing of high-frequency machines , heat presses, automation equipment and other products, has the ability to develop and produce various special and general-purpose high - frequency equipment . In addition to standard models for selection, non-standard machines can also be customized according to customer requirements It can fully meet the production needs of customers for different products.

      Automatic high frequency machine is also called high frequency machine. The working principle is to use high frequency to emit electromagnetic waves with a frequency greater than 100Khz, instantaneous heating or polarization between materials, which can achieve the purpose of plastic welding. There are two types of automatic high-frequency machines. One is metal material induction heating, which uses high frequency to quickly heat metal materials. It is usually used for metal material heating, rivet implantation, and idealized equipment for quenching, diathermy, annealing, and welding. .

 The motor output power of the automatic high-frequency machine equipment should be greater than the output power required for stamping. Automatic high-frequency machine equipment should ensure the convenience and safety of use. Large-tonnage double-column or four-column automatic high-frequency machine equipment should be used for the leveling and shaping of the stem.

      Modern automatic high-frequency machine processing and manufacturing of high-end machinery and equipment is relative to the traditional automatic high-frequency processing and manufacturing industry. It refers to high-tech technological achievements that constantly absorb electronic information technology, computers, machinery, materials and modern management methods and technologies. , And apply these comprehensively to the entire process of product development and design, production and manufacturing, online monitoring, service items and management methods to achieve high-quality, high-efficiency, low-consumption, clean and flexible manufacturing, that is, realization and automation Technology, intelligent systems, flexible production, ecological production and manufacturing, the general term for processing and manufacturing industries that have achieved very good economic, social and market effects.

Under the pull and impact of high-tech technology, the production of automatic high-frequency machines and equipment is moving towards human-machine integration, one-machine multi-function detection integration, and intelligent robotics, numerical control intelligent systems, and intelligent system processing units have emerged. Automatic high-frequency machine manufacturing technology continues to develop towards high processing and high-tech, bringing profound changes to the processing and manufacturing industry. In the future, the processing and manufacturing industry of automatic high-frequency machines will enter flexible production, intelligent systems, agility, and lean A brand-new industry that integrates integration and personalization.

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