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What are the preparations when debugging an ultrasonic welding machine?

2019-05-22 11:40:18

1. Installation environment.

1. Ultrasonic welding machine should be installed on a stable and firm workbench. The reason is that ultrasonic welding will generate high-frequency vibrations. After long-term use, the position of the equipment may shift. Installing on a stable workbench can avoid this situation. .

2. The space where the ultrasonic welding machine is used should be far away from other heat sources such as heating equipment, and a 200mm gap should be reserved behind the equipment and electric box to facilitate ventilation and wiring distribution, because the energy conversion of mechanical equipment will be Generate heat residue (less heat residue), and the circuit board of the electric box needs to be dissipated, so the equipment should be as far away from the heat source as possible and pay attention to ventilation.

3. After placing the ultrasonic welding machine, we must start to connect the electricity (that is, plug in the electric box and the welding machine). Before connecting the electricity, determine the power supply voltage. Generally, the ultrasonic welding machine uses a 220V power supply. If the power supply voltage is not If it is stable, an AC power regulator is required.

4. The power supply of the ultrasonic welding machine has been grounded. If necessary, the copper screw on the back of the base can also be grounded. The grounding resistance must not be greater than 4Ω.

5. Next, connect the air pipe to the air filter inlet at the back of the equipment to ensure that the interface is airtight.



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