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Explain the principle of high frequency welding?

2019-05-22 11:40:18

 The principle of high frequency welding is the necessary equipment for plastic heat sealing. The main principle of interest and high field causes the plastic polar molecules to be repeatedly twisted to generate frictional heat, thereby achieving the purpose of welding. The welding temperature is uniform on the outside and inside. Any PVC, PET.APET (content> 10% plastic sheet, regardless of its hardness, can be heat-sealed with a high-frequency plastic heat sealing machine

  High frequency plastic welding machine operation sequence

  1. Turn on the three-phase main power switch first, then turn on the power switch on the control box on the machine side (if there is a high-cycle switch on the side, do not turn it on temporarily), then turn on the hot mold power switch. At this time, the vacuum tube and heat The molds all begin to warm up.

 2. Install the insulator on the lower mold, put the work (plastic parts), install the upper mold on the upper end, press the trial switch, start to debug the joint position of the upper and lower molds, if the lower joint is not good, move the lower mold, if the level is not compatible, Just adjust the four pillars on the mold.

    3. After the mold is adjusted, adjust the three time controllers (if it is a pedal machine, only the high cycle call-out time). The delay time is the time from the upper mold running to the pressing of the lower mold. The high cycle time is the output time, cooling Time, that is, curing time, the above three times need to be used flexibly, and there is no fixed value.

   4. If you adjust the mold once, you need to turn the co-tuner to the 0 position.

 5. If it has exceeded 10-15 minutes to understand the situation and the temperature has reached the required level, turn on the high-cycle output switch and start the operation test

    6. During the test, if the effect is not satisfactory, you need to add the coordinator slowly. (One scale, one scale plus), and then watch the ammeter rise to about 0.4A (3-4KW). 0.5A (5-8A), it means that the produc



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Address: 3D, Building 4, No. 12, Jiangshi First Industrial Zone, Jiangwei Community, Matian Street, Guangming District, Shenzhen

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