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How is the high frequency vibration friction welding machine processed?

2019-05-22 11:40:18

     Friction pressure and reciprocating frequency are the main factors affecting the quality of vibration friction welding. When the friction pressure and reciprocating frequency increase, the welding heat input also increases significantly. Due to the locality and unevenness of material deformation, excessive pressure will affect the stability of the reciprocating movement of the welded parts, and at the same time will increase the outflow of the plastic welded parts and increase the flash. Therefore, too much pressure cannot be used. value. Under the condition of ensuring stable motion, increasing the frequency of reciprocating motion is the most effective way to increase heat input and improve the quality of the weld. Friction time is also an important parameter in the linear friction welding process, but extending the friction time is not the most effective way to increase heat input. Because of the existence of factors such as heat conduction, convection, and extrusion of high-temperature plastic welded parts, there is a balance point of heat input and heat output during the welding process. Before the thermal equilibrium, increasing the friction time is effective to increase the heat input, but after the thermal equilibrium point, increasing the friction time has little effect on the heat input. Therefore, it is more reliable to use the size of the welding depth as the standard for the end of welding.



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